Moments of rest have always had a special place in the life cycle of every person, as one of the primary needs that affect physical and mental health and quality of life as a whole. Quality, comfortable and invigorating sleep is a necessary prerequisite for any other life activity. SIMPO has been actively engaged in your dreaming, providing you with the best technological experiences and modern innovations through its products, which have only one goal – to protect your health and provide you with the highest quality conditions for a full, invigorating rest.

Healthy sleep is one of the primary human needs, and, therefore, SIMPO takes the development of products from its offer very seriously, which strive to provide maximum quality and comfort to each group of users – from children, adults and those with special anatomical needs, to couples. We are using the most modern production methods and innovative and tested materials in this process.

We are committed to the needs of every individual user, which is why since 1971 when the SIMPOSAN brand was created, we have been constantly expanding the range of our products, in step with global trends and technological innovations.

Our goal is to provide maximum quality to every market segment, and it is up to you to choose your new, favorite mattress that will be your faithful companion during daily recovery and healthy sleep.