Couches give your living space an elegant note and in addition to everyday comfort, they have many practical sides. In our offer you will find different models that are the ideal solution for living rooms, children’s rooms, student apartments and various accommodation facilities.

They are recognizable as very comfortable furniture for sitting and relaxing. They also have armrests that are useful support during rest and relaxation.

As a practical “2 in 1” piece of furniture, you can also use them for everyday sleeping. They simply transform into a spacious and comfortable bed. The built-in wire core gives them stability and enables long-term use.

As every home always needs an extra storage space, the phenomenal thing about our couches is the bedding storage box that saves your space in wardrobes.

The manufacture of couches in color and fabric from our current offer enables their complete adaptation to your space and makes it an excellent choice for classic and modern interiors.