Shoe racks

Shoe racks are a key piece of furniture in your hallway. Neatly arranged footwear in them creates harmony and balance in your hallway and makes the entrance to the other rooms spacious. Choose one of the models from our offer that will best fit your ambience and make it easier for you to put away your shoes.

Modernly designed, the shoe racks from our offer will fit nicely into any style of hallway decoration, from classic to modern. They are available in different sizes, with options for storing shoes in one or two rows depending on the model.

The shoe racks from our range are a part of the program for complete hallway decoration and are stylistically harmonized with wardrobes, hat stands and dressers. They are made of quality materials. You have the option of choosing a color with some models. A special attractive detail is the mirror on some models so you get a “2 in 1” practical piece of furniture.