Dining tables

When fitting out a dining room, it always starts with choosing a dining table as a central piece of furniture and the main place for gathering family and friends. Whatever style you decide on – minimalistic, stylistic or modern, you will certainly find a perfect dining table for your home within our offer.

Our product range of dining tables is characterized by diversity in terms of shape, dimensions, materials and colors. They are made of high-quality panel materials and solid wood, with different finishes. With some models you also have a choice of colors.

With a rectangular or circular plank top, a higher number of models are available in several dimensions, so the size of your space will not be a limiting factor when deciding to buy. Some of the models also have a pull-out function, which further increases the table area so that there will always be enough space for your guests.

You can harmoniously connect the dining tables with the other elements – chairs, display cabinets and dressers, in order to create a functional and aesthetically beautiful ambience that radiates warmth. Some dining tables from our offer are a part of the collection for fitting out dining rooms and living rooms, which greatly facilitates the harmonization with the other furniture.