Children's shelves

Shelves are an integral part of every modern children’s room. They allow you to practically use the free space, and to put books, toys and various children’s things in order.

Shelves for children’s room from our product range are decorative and functional. They are made in different shapes, colors and dimensions. The layout of the shelves in your child’s room can be adjusted to the organization of the space and his or her wishes.

Our shelves that are hung on the wall are ideal for storing books. You can place free-standing shelves in the corners of the room and display things that your child likes the most, and these shelves also have closed segments or drawers in which you can place some part of children’s clothes depending on the model.

The shelves for the children’s room are stable and long-lasting; they are made of high quality materials, in colors that bring refreshment to any space. You can fit them with the other furniture from the collection for children’s rooms.