Children's rooms - sets

The simplest and most practical solutions for decorating children’s rooms are complete compositions which enable functional use of space and harmony in aesthetics. With a wardrobe, bed, desk and shelves from the same collections, you will provide good conditions for your child’s sleep, study, rest and play.

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Lino children’s room radiates serenity and positive energy. Through the combination of green color and light pine pattern, it creates an ambience in which boys and girls will spend the most beautiful days of their childhood in an equally interesting way. A spacious double-wing wardrobe with classic doors, a bed that you can combine with a drawer and make an extra bed, a desk in two colors and practical shelves, will contribute to the quality fitting out of the children’s room that the child can use until he or she becomes independent.

Castle children’s room in white color is associated with peacefulness, harmony and balance. It was created to enrich your child’s room with a combination of elements. With a double-wing wardrobe with classic doors, a bed, a desk, a bedside table, a shelf, a hat stand and a stand with a baby changing accessory, you will create a wonderful ambience for your little ones from the earliest age.

Gloria children’s room in ivory color will create a perfect corner of the children’s room where children will enjoy themselves. This room consists of single and double-wing wardrobes with classic doors, a bed, a dresser and a bedside table. In addition to a beautiful appearance, each element allows functional use.

Keln children’s room is a classic model in the combination of cherry and beige patterns, equally suitable for girls’ and boys’ rooms. The composition combines a double-wing wardrobe with classic and sliding doors, a bed, a dresser, a mirror, a desk and a bedside table. It is furniture that will meet your child’s needs for good rest, learning and creative activities.

Complete children’s rooms designed in the same style give you the opportunity to choose the elements that suit you best and with which you will achieve the full effect in decoration.