For a peaceful sleep and a good rest, you need a high-quality bed. You can choose between upholstered beds and beds made of panel materials, of different styles, dimensions and characteristics. The beds from our offer are great for different bedroom sizes because you can choose the one that will fit perfectly into your space and combine with the other furniture from the offered models and dimensions.

Our beds are a combination of authentic design and elegance. From the beds with a rich upholstered structure and luxurious design that will allow you to sleep like you are in a luxury hotel to some more reduced models, they are aesthetically adapted to different bedroom interiors.

The mattress is purchased separately with most of the models. It is up to you to choose the one that will best meet your comfort criteria. Depending on the bed, you will need a mattress in the dimensions of: 200 x 140 cm, 200 x 160 cm or 200 x 180 cm. The beds with integrated wire core mattresses are also a part of our offer.

The beautiful design and comfort of our beds is accompanied by high functionality. The upholstered beds can be with or without a mechanism. The beds with the mechanism save your space because they have the bedding storing boxes spacious enough so that you can store the things you use when needed.

If your choice is an upholstered bed, we offer you the opportunity to choose the material for its manufacture. Depending on the model, you can choose between fabric and leather.

If you want a bed made of panel materials, we suggest you opt for one of the models from the bedroom sets that are in our product range. You will easily fit wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables and mirrors with them because they are stylistically harmonized with the bed.